Paul Berry

Senior Pastor

Lucy and I came to Santa Maria to pastor CCSM in the spring of 1992. I remember sitting in an old convertible Volkswagen up on the hill of Lake Marie in that spring, gazing over the Santa Maria Valley and listening to the Lord. He spoke to my heart there, and has quite often since, in that same spot. He has promised us much as a church and I have been in awe over these many years to see how He has graciously fulfilled those promises. Robert Frost wrote in a poem these words that ring in my heart: "But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep." All I can say to conclude here is that the best is yet to come, and many promises to keep.

Patrick Houg

Associate Pastor

Pastor Patrick Houg is our Associate Pastor. He and his wife moved from Minnesota to Santa Maria in 1998 to do ministry for the Lord. In 2003, they started serving at Calvary Chapel Santa Maria. Pastor Patrick and his wife, Mary, led the College and Career Group up until 2011. In December of 2011, he was asked to come on staff as the Associate Pastor. His desire is to connect God’s people to ministries and places of service, so that they will fulfill the calling that God has placed in them.

Dan Tuttle

Missions Pastor

Almost twenty years ago the Lord brought Pastor Dan to Calvary Chapel Santa Maria, where he sensed the leading and presence of the Lord. During that time, the Lord open the door for his wife and him to enter the ministry. They stepped out and planted Calvary Chapel Nipomo and from there, the Lord led them both to plant another Calvary Chapel in Savannah, Georgia. Recently, God has led them back to their beloved family here at Calvary Chapel Santa Maria. They are both excited to see what else God has in store for them in their leadership in the Mission Ministry.

tony rodriguez

Spanish Pastor

Tony Rodriguez was born in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico in July 30, 1970. His favorite subject in school was math. He met his wife, Ana, because she was his neighbor. He remembers her crying and Tony going up to her to comfort her. He was 25 when he came to know Jesus. A therapist introduced the gospel to him. For him being a pastor means the best job in the world. He is beyond blessed to be leading the Spanish Ministry. His favorite verse is Joshua 24:15 and he loves Mexican food. A fun fact about Tony is he loves gardening. 

Conor Berry

Church Life Pastor

A sinner saved by grace, Conor was called to ministry in 2001 at Calvary Chapel Bible College. From there the Lord called him to the mission field in Siegen, Germany, where he met his wife, Hannah. After marriage and a daughter, Fae, the Lord led them to plant a church in Bristol, England. There the Lord blessed them with two boys, Flint and Dane. After eight years on the mission field, the Lord called them back to their home church in 2015. As the Church Life pastor, he and his family want to exhort the people of the congregation on their faith journey. They want to equip people with resources to help them run the race of faith with spiritual strength and endurance.

Gilbert Gonzales

Children's Pastor

Gilbert is the Children’s Ministry Pastor and feels honored to be reaching and teaching the children about the love of Jesus. Gilbert was born and raised in Salinas, CA, along with his siblings. While in school, Gilbert’s favorite subject was math. Gilbert met his wife, Patty, through his sister. Patty and Gilbert have seven daughters and all of their names start with the letter G! Gilbert has been a part of the Calvary Movement since 1981

Lucy Berry

Women's Ministry Leader

 Lucy was born on October 9 with her twin brother, Lou Engle. She attended Messiah College in Pennsylvania. Her favorite subjects were reading, grammar and psychology. She met her husband, Paul, through a mutual friend who invited them to eat. She heard him pray and afterwards told her family that she had just met the man she was going to marry. Lucy and Paul have two children, Conor and Lea. Lucy leads the Women’s Ministry, and loves every minute of it.

Patty Gonzales

Children's Ministry Leader

Patty was raised in Clovis, CA with five older sisters and two younger brothers. She accepted Jesus in her heart at the age of 21. Patty and Gilbert have 7 daughters. Patty leads the Children’s Ministry and encourages believers to reach out to the children to let them know of the love of Jesus. Patty’s favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11-13. She enjoys eating Mexican food and having people over at her house. 


Worship Leader

Michael has been serving at CCSM since August 2017. Having previously served as missionaries in Heidelberg, Germany for seven years, he along with his wife Marah and two children have made Santa Maria their home. It is their aim to glorify the name and person of Jesus Christ musically through bibically founded praise and worship.

jeff aldridge

Youth Leader

Jeff Aldridge is the youth group leader for Calvary Chapel Santa Maria. His passion is for Jesus and living to make Him known to all. Jeff grew up attending church in his hometown of Lompoc, CA. He studied biblical studies at Calvary Chapel Bible College and graduated with an Associates Degree in 2014. Jeff was recently married to Annalise in July 2015. His favorite foods are tri-tip and donuts (not together). His favorite Bible verse is Ephesians 2:10.

mia espinosa

Spanish Media Manager

Mia Espinosa has been serving CCSM since 2013. She is now leading the Media Department for our Spanish Ministry. Her vision is to attract non believers with her design work and she hopes that they come to the feet of Jesus.

alex naoe

Media Manager

Alex Naoe has been serving at CCSM for 5 years. She officially began managing the media department at the beginning of 2017. Her vision for the ministry is to share the gospel through the various forms of media she has the opportunity and ability to use.

mary Houg


Mary is Pastor Patrick’s wife and also the church’s bookkeeper. She is the youngest of six siblings. When she was in school her favorite subject was Algebra. She met her husband at a school dance and she remembers how he made her smile. She and her husband, Patrick, ended up in Calvary Chapel because a friend had invited them. Mary and Patrick have four daughters, in which two of them are twins. Her favorite verse is Philippians 4:4 “rejoice in the Lord always”.


Office Administrator

Shelby is the office administrator for CCSM, and has been on staff since April 2016. She feels that in this position she is able to be welcoming, friendly, and showing the love of Jesus.

Esmeralda gamino-perez

Bilingual Office Administrator

Esmerelda serves in the Spanish Ministry at CCSM. She gave her life to Christ at a young age, and experienced rebirth as she started attending Calvary Chapel. Her desire is to serve others and share the love of Christ.

David young

Pastoral Intern

David is our Pastoral Intern, and currently leads a young adult ministry called Paradox. David grew up in southern California, joined the Air Force, and married in 2002. Since marriage, David moved to Santa Maria in 2005 following a new job opportunity, and has three children. David is excited to be apart of God's perfect work through Calvary Chapel Santa Maria.