Weekly Events

Due to COVID-19, CCSM's weekly events may not be taking place. Please be sure to contact the church office regarding which events will be taking place as schedules may have changed.


6:00 PM - Mission's Prayer

7:00 PM - Women's Bible Study in the Flood

7:00 PM - "Clock In, Man Up" Men's Bible Study

in the Multipurpose Room



9:30 AM - Women's Prayer

6:30 PM - Worship Practice

7:00 PM - Night of Worship [FIRST WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH]

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7:00 PM - Men's Prayer

6:30 PM - Spanish Worship Practice



6:15 AM - Men's Bible Study at the Boy's Restaurant

9:30 AM - Women's Bible Study in the Flood

11:00 AM - Sisters of Dorcas in the Flood