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Christmas Eve Service 2016


Ashley Crothers - Welcome


Song: Hark the Herald Angels Sing  


Pastor Paul Berry 
1ST Reading – Isaiah 7:14 and 9:6-7
2rd Reading – Luke 1: 26-35


Song: His Name Shall Be
Pastor Patrick Houg
3rd Reading – Matthew 1:18-25
4th Reading – Luke 2:1-7
Song: O Holy Night
Pastor Conor Berry
5th Reading – Luke 2: 8-20
6th Reading – Matthew 2:1-12
Song: Noel
Pastor Tony Rodriguez
7th Reading – Matthew 11:1-6
8th Reading – Mark 15:11-40
Song: Man of Sorrows
Pastor Tony Guy
9th Reading – Matthew 28:1-20
Song: What a Beautiful Name
Pastor Paul Berry
10th Reading – John 14:1-6, and vs 25-28
Song: Elohim


Pastor Patrick Houg
11th Reading – Romans 10:9-13
Song: Let There Be Light
Pastor Paul Berry– Closing Invitation
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Christmas Day Service 2016
 10:30am - 11:30am


Ashley Crothers - Welcome




Pastor Paul Berry 
Children Invitation to Stage


Pastor Paul Berry
Message "Jesus' Gifts"- Ephesians 4:8-12


Closing Invitation


Refreshments Available 


Advent Calendar
Advent Calendar
December 2016
Wednesday, December 7
Pastor Paul Berry - "Satan's Christmas"  

Sunday, December 11
Pastor Paul Berry - "The Father's Gifts" 
Wednesday, December 13
Pastor Conor Berry - "The Magi's Gifts" 
Sunday, December 18
Pastor Paul Berry - "The Spirit's Gifts" 
Wednesday, December 20
Pastor Conor Berry - "The Gift and Power of Prayer" 
Sunday, December 25
Pastor Paul Berry - "Jesus' Gifts" 


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A Welcome Message from Pastor Paul

It has been my honor to Pastor Calvary Chapel Santa Maria since 1992 and consider it the greatest privilege I have ever had. We always seek to draw a balance between the preaching of the whole counsel of God's Word and the whole experience of God's Spirit. What we understand the Word to say we seek to practically experience in each of our services. "The Word and the Spirit" - a wonderful balance of simple to understand expository preaching and the demonstration of the Spirit and of power. (1 Corinthians 2:1-5) Come join us this Sunday and/ or Wednesday night and see the Word and Spirit of God change your life for eternity!

Engage is a great way to meet and care for others, so join one of our ministries.



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